Supplementary Data  
  This page collects those data accompanying with the article ' Trans-Natural Sense/Antisense Pairs Including Non-Coding RNAs in Ten Species: Implications for Expression Regulation', including sequences and analysis materials.
Identification Data
Sub Directory Name Explain
All Transcripts with filteration All transcripts having trans-NAT partners in ten species after filtering out noisy transcription, misorientation, genomic sequence contamination, pseudogene and repeat.
How to understand the abbreviation?
Take the abbrevation of 'hs_0_m.0.118692' as an example.
1. 'hs_' is the abbreviation of 'human'.
    The abbreviations for other species are shown below: Name of organisms (abbreviation/common name): hs (human) mm (mouse) dm (fly) cel (worm) cin (sea squirt) gga (chicken) rn (rat) str (frog) dr (zebrafish) bt (cow) cfa (dog)
2.The number 0 in '_0_' strand a cluster number. We split the chromosome into several clusters, each of which is not overlapped with one another and contains many transcript units. We endow every cluster with exclusive number.
3. '_m' stands for the strand orientation of the transcript. The '_m' (minus) means that this transcript is from minus strand; while '_p' is from plus strand.
4. The number 0 in '.0.' means the first transcript unit in one strand of this cluster. We also use number to identify different transcript units.
5. '.118692' means one alternative isoform of this transcript units other than the 118,692nd isoform of this transcript unit. This is a random number other than sorted number.
ncRNA Data
File Name Description
non-coding TUs non-coding TUs in trans-SAs
hs TU pairing Coding Potentials of every human trans- TU pair
Analysis of trans-SAs:
File Name Explain
Abundance The abundance of four new SA pairing types in ten species
homolog Human trans-NAT pairs conserved in mouse identified by cross-reference of HomoloGene
human paralog Human trans-NAT pairs originated from cis-NAT pairs via paralog
File Name Explain
TU-border.txt The chromosome border of every transcriptional unit (TU)
TU-info.txt Basic annotation information of every TU
TU-transcript-target.txt The mapping between TU and transcripts having trans-pairing transcripts
transcript-evidence.txt supporting evidence of every transcript
transcript-structure.txt the chromosome structure of every transcript
antisense-partner.txt the pairing relation between trans-antisense transcripts and their partners
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